Why work? Part 3: Its good for you!

Working is good for you too. I left this to last, to Part 3 of 3. Do you do that? Think of others first? Leave yourself to last? That’s what nice girls do. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t notice until now. This is one unconscious bias that regularly trips me up.

Kindness, generosity, and service are all fine values unless the behaviours they drive are over used, or if these behaviours are expected more from women than men, and they are. Then they can put women at a disadvantage.

In the two previous posts I wrote about the idea of 50:50. That a satisfying career and home life and loving bonds with our children are equally important to both parents. However, not everyone has a partner or dependent children.

These reasons for working apply whether you are partnered or single, whether you have dependent children or not because they’re about you. Just you.

Every year you work you build your market value. That gives you options. More doors are available to open.

It’s a powerful feeling to be able to fend for yourself and your family if you should ever be in that position.

Glory, pride, ambition
Success at work, whatever work you do, however you define success for yourself, can at times bring you glory. The sense that you aced it, you made a difference.

Work lets us define ourselves more broadly and expand our sense of who we are and what we can do.

Meaning and purpose
For some work is a calling and becomes a vital part of life and a source of happiness (through stretching ourselves, using our strengths, focussing our attention) because through our work we create positive change in the world.

When we work we offer a better future for all women. Our grandmothers earned us the vote. Our mothers entered the workplace. Our role can be to claim our fair place and value at work so we can leave it a better place for the next generation.

Independence, validation, meaning, satisfaction and stretch. We deserve it.

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