Fantastic Podcasts for Women, Work, and Leadership

One of the keys to sustaining ourselves while navigating through our days carrying the added baggage of gender bias at work and in our wider lives, is to get active support from our women friends and peers and wider village.

My ‘Village’ includes diverse groups of friends, family members, other school-parents, professional bodies, networks, and online and face-to-face communities. With some I am ‘fed’ and ‘nourished’, with others there is the exchange of practical support vital for working parents, but all of it provides a sense of belonging, connectedness, and strength to continue to move upstream against the strong downstream flow of ‘status quo’.

Another way to feel supported and connected with your tribe, village or community is through listening to podcasts. They are also a great way to make effective use of commuting time. Hint: play at a faster speed to save time.

If you haven’t discovered these podcasts already then check them out today.

HBR Women at Work: Conversations about the Workplace and Women’s Place in it by HBR editors Amy Bernstein, Sarah Green Carmichael and Nicole Torres

This is an excellent podcast exploring gender discrimination at work. The hosts interview leading experts on gender and work, tell stories and share their own experiences, and provide practice advice to help women succeed in spite of obstacles.

Bossed Up Podcast by Emilie Aries

Emilie Aries is founder and CEO of Bossed Up which is a training organisation that helps women craft sustainable careers. Emilie is a smart, fierce, well-researched, feminist and leadership expert who breaks down career conundrums with expert interviews to help women navigate career transitions and step up as the boss in their careers.

The Broad Experience:  A Conversation about Women, the Workplace and Success by Ashley Milne-Tyte

Ashley Milne Tyte, journalist, interviews women of different ages and from different backgrounds on the theme of women and the workplace and success. She explores big issues such as race, class, children or no children, leadership and sexual harassment and includes realistic, helpful strategies and options to response to workplace challenges. The 20-30 minute episodes are packed with value and easy to consume while commuting.

Coaching for Leaders: Talent Management, Leadership Development, Change Management, Productivity, Executive Coaching, Ethics by Dave Stachowiak

The Coaching for Leaders podcast promises to provide practical wisdom that will empower you to become a better leader and it does this in spades. This podcast doesn’t attend to gender issues specifically but it is a leadership podcast I didn’t want to miss out. The host, Dave Stachowiak and his wife Bonni who is on monthly, are role models for work-life-family integration and valuing of both of their careers equally. Dave conducts top-class interviews of experts in the field and offers specific strategies in the enormously broad field of leadership (as the subtitle spells out!)

Question: What are your ‘must listen’ podcasts?

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