Two years ago…
… I found myself crying in anger in the car on the way to work listening to a podcast about the state of women’s rights in the world. This was not the first time.

The thought was clear….I need to get back to doing more for women.

My purpose has always been clear. To use my privilege to fight for the underdog. My education in psychology, anthropology and sociology give me strong foundation in the humanities, people, culture and social justice. I have worked in the mental health field for the last 20 years. I felt it was time to pivot towards a more feminist path.

Two years ago…
… I had a conversation with a friend about motherhood, work, career trajectories, leadership, ambition, and the experience of stalling, with more questions than answers. Were our experiences at work shared by other women? How much of it is related to gender? What can we do about it?

The thought was clear… we need to find out what is happening for women at work.

Myself and two clinical psychologist colleagues and friends Dr Helen Buckland-Wright and Megan Anderson joined a peer group or Lean In group meeting monthly with this mission. We devoured material and within six months were making changes in our own lives and planning workshops and articles.

Eight workshops and presentations on women, work, gender and leadership and two published articles (and a job change each) later, the feedback we have received has been consistent – this is an important conversation and we want more.

Two years ago…
… the global conversation about the pay and leadership gap started. A year ago the global conversation about sexual harassment of women in the workplace started.

BREAKGLASS is my contribution. This is me doing more for women. This is me Leaning In.

BREAKGLASS is a coaching and training company that helps women in work and leadership address the negative impact of gender bias so that they can reach their full potential in work and career.

This is me leveraging clinical psychology and what I’m good at to position women to reach their potential. At BREAKGLASS we take a psychologically-informed, evidence-based, behavioural approach. We support women to navigate through unconscious gender bias at work and build a broader skillset so that they can flexibly and adaptably choose and apply what works best in any given situation. We focus on small, workable, achievable actions that each woman can do to craft the work and life she wants.

Share the news with your network, check out the website, and do get in touch, let me know what you would want.

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