One of the best ways of learning is with others, in a group. We learn from others stories, failures and successes. We challenge ourselves more and hold ourselves accountable to the group. One of the most effective ways women can ‘lean in’ and be courageous is with the support of other women.

Attending a workshop can be a stepping stone if coaching is not available to you or if you want to dive in to a particular topic and explore whether this is something relevant to your life.

Workshop Topics

Make Yourself Heard: Communication skills and strategies to navigate through unconscious gender bias and double binds.

Leadership Presence: For women. One size does not fit all.

Career Crafting: Craft a sustainable career that you really want.

The Working Mum:  Tightropes, traps and treasure.

50:50 Work and Home: Making love, life, and a living. Learning from others and doing it your way.

Kirsty is also available to tailor half-day or full-day workshops to

  • specific groups of women in your organisation
  • broader ranges of employees because it’s not just an issue for women
  • provide a gender specific focus to supplement your existing leadership training

What people have said about Kirsty…

Feedback from workshops:

“I have found this extremely helpful and will effect my future leadership.”

“I have found this (Clinical Leadership in Healthcare) very relevant to the issues I am having at work and this has given me a lot of tools to work with. Excellent and worth it for leaders in healthcare.”

“Kirsty is great. Knows her stuff.”

“Awesome workshop. Well organised. Great content.”

“Thank you for an excellent workshop. I have lots of info to take away and I feel empowered to make a change.”

“Presenter was excellent as SME (subject matter expert) & facilitator. Resources and toolkits and links invaluable. Interactive.”

“Kirsty is absolutely amazing. I love listening to her share her wisdom and knowledge. It is great to know we have people like her involved in training for DHB staff.”

“Always love Kirsty’s contribution. Lively, animated, wonderful expertise and willingness to share knowledge.”

Contact Kirsty about a specific workshop or leave your email address and she will contact you when the next series of workshops are scheduled.

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