What We Do

At BREAKGLASS Kirsty takes a psychologically-informed, evidence-based, behavioural approach. She supports women to navigate through unconscious gender bias at work and build a broader skillset so that they can flexibly and adaptably choose and apply what works best in any given situation. She focuses on small, workable, achievable actions that each woman can do to craft the work and life she wants.

Inspirational talks, books and advice from courageous, tough, brilliant and successful women who have made it to the top in their industries are critical, because they demonstrate that it is possible and they encourage us to believe it can be us one day.

And we need more than this.

We need policies and organisation-wide initiatives to increase diversity (I am invited to the party) and inclusion (I dance at the party) so that organisations take responsibility for creating inclusive and fair workplaces – which ends up being good for business too.

And we need more than this.

We need media, social-media and community activism to harness the power of the collective and raise awareness of continuing sexism in the workplace and that promotion of feminism is still very much needed.

And we need more than this.

We know the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. There is awareness about the wage gap, leadership gap, and unfair and abusive treatment of women in the workplace. We are understanding more about why this continues – how men and women are socialised has a significant impact on expected behaviours in the workplace and these behaviours advantage some and disadvantage others.


How can you manage how you are perceived? How do you have conversations? What words do you use to actually get what you ask for?  How do you deal with the pushback from others? How do you notice and deal with your own self-defeating thoughts and behaviours? How do you build courage and confidence? How do you work a big job and have children and a relationship?

What BREAKGLASS can contribute is translating the ‘what’ and ‘why’ into the ‘how’ – into actions. Because small changes can lead to great ones

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